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The Harmony Trust have developed a ‘Harnessing Technology Maximising Learning’ (HTML) Strategy which is a cross cutting plan that aims to maximise the use of technology to enhance and support learning across the whole organisation; for our children, their parents and their teachers.

The HTML Strategy is ambitious in its aim; to significantly increase the use of technology across all academies so that children and staff use it wisely to enhance their learning. 

At Cottons Farm, all children across years 3 - 6 have been issued an iPad to support their learning at school and at home. Pupils are responsible for keeping their iPads safe and bringing them to class, fully charged, each day.

All children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 are also benefitting from significantly increased access to iPads and other technology in school, to maximise their learning onsite. 

As part of the 1-1 iPad launch, all pupils must complete the Harmony iPad Induction before they are allowed to take their iPad offsite. The iPad induction is a rigoruous, 5-stage induction package designed to equip students to be workwise, efficient and safe digital learners. Here is an outline of what is covered in the iPad induction:

Lesson 1 -  How to setup my iPad...

Lesson 2 - How to use my iPad...

Lesson 3 - Keeping my iPad safe...

Lesson 4 - Keeping myself safe online...

Lesson 5 - Where can my iPad take me?

Promoting Online Safety at Home:

Equipping children to be responsible and safe in the digital world is an important, on-going committment. It is important that children hear online safety messages in school and at home, in order for the key messages to really sink in. At Lakeside, we have invested in National Online Safety to guide our E-Safety practice for staff and students. We are delighted to be in a position to offer free access to the full range of Online Safety materials to support parents/carers with a huge range of topics. 

For more information, please read the 'National Online Safety Access - Parent/Carer Letter' and then use the button below to sign-up.

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Pupil and Parental Agreements:

As our iPads are leased, we are required to recieve signed documentation from pupils and their parents/carers, accepting the terms and conditions and acceptable use of Harmony iPads.  These documents will be sent home as a paper copy, to be returned to your child's class teacher at the earliest convenience.  An electronic copy of all the documents can be found in the files section below.


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