Home Reading

Home Reading is the best thing you can do with your child when they are at home.  It will make a big difference to their education & it is lots of fun as well.

At Cottons Farm, we will provide you with books to support home reading.  

In EYFS - Yr 1, your child will be provided with two books linked to the phonics they are learning in school.  In addition, they will get a high quality picture book for you to share with them. 

Year 2 - Year 6,  your child will either bring home phonics books (if they are still learning phonics in school) or accelerated reader books.

We highly recommend doing a bedtime story with your child each day!  You can use the books provided from school or your own favourite books at home!

Please log in your child's reading diary each time they read or you read them a bedtime story!

Rocket Reader

We want children to read because they want to read.  The secret to getting children reading is finding what they like to read.  It could be story books.  It could be animal fact books.  It could be comics.  It could be websites.  If your child doesn't want to read at home, why not speak to your class teacher who might be able to help.

As a small reward to encourage children to read, we have a rocket reader scheme.  Children get a coloured badge everytime they reach a certain number of home reads.  We encourage children to wear these badges with pride on their school jumpers!

The reading milestones are

25 reads


50 reads


75 reads


100 reads


150 reads


175 reads


200 reads


250 reads


Library Books

To help with home reading, we have a recently upgraded Library.  In the last two years, we have spent over £8,000 on books!  This works out as £80 of books per child!

Children get to browse the library once a week and select a book that interests them.  We recommend reading your child's library book with them.  Because the books are selected by the children based on interest, they may be too hard for them to independently read.

We are also constantly investing more in our library and ask our pupils what sorts of books they would like.  For example, we recently subscribed to some magazines because our school council said that is what they wanted to read!



Read Achieve Succeed (RAS) initiative was launched in December 2016.  The aim was to raise the profile of reading across the Trust and develop a lifelong love of reading within our children.  The initiative also aligned itself with the trust priority to raise the outcomes in reading for all pupils regardless of their need or circumstance. 

As part of the Harmony Trusts strong commitement to reading, each child gets to choose a book from our pop up bookstore once a year!  Again, children can choose what they want to read.  By the time a child leaves us they will have 7 books on their Harmony Bookshelves that belong to them.

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