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Reading Schemes

Children are encouraged to develop a love for reading from a very early age. When they join Foundation 1 (Nursery), children have books shared with them each day in story time and baskets of books are positioned around the room for children to access at any time during their session.

Foundation 1 children cover Phase 1 phonics activities, following the Letters and Sounds phonics programme, from the beginning of the Spring term. Children who are ready to move onto Phase 2 activities, which introduce the sounds that letters make, have specific small group tasks provided for them too.

In Foundation 2 (Reception classes) children cover Phase 2 activities from the Autumn term when they begin school. In the Spring term the teachers sort the children from all four classes into different phonics groups, according to their phonics knowledge. They then move through the Letters and Sounds phases at a pace that matches their needs.

When children can confidently read 18-20 words from the phase 2 sets of words they are given a reading book to take home to share with their parents. These books are selected from a range we have built up over time. We have drawn on a variety of publishers to ensure our selection is broad and caters for readers of different abilities within each colour band.

Our banding system is linked to the Letters and Sounds phases.

The colours progress as follows:

Pink early Phase 2

Red children within Phase 2 

Yellow - Phase 3  

Blue Phase 3/Phase 4 

Green –  Phase 4

Orange – Phase 4/Phase 5

Turquoise – Phase 5

Purple- Phase 5/Phase 6

Gold – Phase 5/Phase 6

White Phase 5/Phase 6

Free readers

Once children are reading fluently they have the choice of a variety of books from different authors and on fiction and non-fiction topics.

The publishers we currently have a selection of books by include:

For home reading books-

Oxford Reading Tree:

Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories Stages 1 through to 11


All stars


Phonic Bugs




Star Quest

Big Cat by Collins

For Guided Reading in school-

Oxford Reading Tree:

Floppy’s Phonics Fiction

Floppy’s Phonics Non-fiction

Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters

Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories

Traditional Tales


Play Scripts

Rigby Star Phonics

Discovery World Links

Story World

To support your child with reading please use the following links:

Letters and sounds

ICT games

Teach Your Monster to Read

Phonics Play


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