Cottons Farm Academy

Cottons Farm Academy

Week before SATs 2nd - 5th May

Date: 7th May 2017 @ 9:14pm


Next week Year 6 children will be sitting their National tests (SATs)‚Äč.  We believe they are ready to take the challenge!

In the last few weeks, during revision, we have been working really hard to deepen knowledge and improve skills. Hopefully our children have gained confidence to do their best next week.

Although we feel prepared for the SATs, there are still a few more things to do!


  • As much as possible, have restful afternoons!!
  • Get a good night sleep – go to bed on time.
  • Relax and smile a lot!
  • Believe in yourself – YOU ARE AMAZING!! YOU CAN DO IT!!




While all the children in Year 6 have been improving their knowledge focusing on SPAG and reading comprehension, children in Year 5 have been planning and writing a non-chronological report and investigating parenthesis.



It was equally challenging for both groups. Year 6 children have been reviewing their knowledge about fractions, roman numerals and much more. The children Year 5 have been learning about 3D shapes, regular and irregular polygons and solving problems about rectangles.



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