Cottons Farm Academy

Cottons Farm Academy

21st - 24th February

Date: 26th Feb 2017 @ 7:32pm


Children in Year 5 have started their work with the story of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. They have been retelling the story so far by acting, drawing pictures and describing what they have seen.

Children in Year 6 have been working with the film clip ‘Ruckus’. The children have been analysing the clip while discussing the purpose and meaning of it.  They have been exploring the story by describing the freeze frames, role play and by capturing ideas to create a story plan.



Year 5 have worked together to improve their understanding of percentages. We have practiced finding percentages of numbers and money. Calculating how prices of products decrease during sales gave us great understanding of how percentages can be used in real life.

Year 6 have been investigating the areas and perimeters of shapes. We have been finding the area and measuring the perimeters of a rectangle, a parallelogram and a triangle.



We have deepened our knowledge about the solar system. This time we focused on individual planets. The children have been creating a report on a planet of their choice.



Last week we have begun our study of Ancient Greece. The children have been researching where and when the Ancient Greek civilisation existed and what special physical features characterize it. Every child has also designed their very own vase in the style of the Ancient Greeks with a personalized message from the 21st century!




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