Cottons Farm Academy

Cottons Farm Academy

20th - 24th March

Date: 26th Mar 2017 @ 8:37pm

Happy Red Nose Day!

Last Friday we were celebrating and raising money for Comic Relief, who support and fund 1000’s of projects around the world.

It was a fun non-uniform day for all. The majority of us decided to wear our favourite colours, had our noses painted red and most importantly donated to charity.

During the morning assembly we held a talent show. Children from each class auditioned to take part in this. All of us were astounded to discover so many hidden talents that day.

Congratulation to all of the very talented children, who took part in the talent show.

We would like to say a big WELL DONE to Sandis and Bartosz (first prize), Breana (third prize) – You made us feel very proud!!



On Wednesday we were visited by creatures from other countries. All of the children in the school participated in the ZOOLAB workshop. We found out a huge amount of information about a wide range of creatures. We all enjoyed seeing the animals and some of us felt brave enough to touch or hold them. We were able to touch and hold many of the creatures, which included a house mouse, a giant African millipede, a giant African land snail, a corn snake, and Madagascar hissing cockroach. We learnt some fascinating facts about those animals!




In English we have been revising our knowledge about grammar and punctuation. We have completed another SPAG test, practice articles, punctuation, reported speech, past and present tenses, while improving our newspaper report. It has been a very busy week.



The children in Year 6 have been developing their understanding of ratio. They have been investigating the relationship between ratio and fractions.  While comparing ratio to fractions, decimals and percentages we deepened our understanding of how ratio and proportions are linked.



In science we have been learning about plants reproduction. We took a trip outside to study some of the plants around the school. While exploring a sexual and an asexual reproduction, we became plant breeders designing very unique plants of our own.



Last week we have been learning about the religious beliefs of the Ancient Greek people. We have been creating fact files about Greek Gods which helped us highlight similarities and differences with gods from other civilisations.  




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