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Thomas Cook WOW day

Lesson: Topic

In order to kickstart our new topic on Thomas Cook, we had a WOW day where we came to school dressed up in our holiday clothes.

"We had lots of fun decorating our own postcards to send to our parents" Jessica.

"I am excited about walking to the post office to post my envelope." Jack.

"We drew pictures of our holiday destinations onto our postcards." Natasha.

"We showed our own holiday photos to the class and I liked talking about a holiday that I have been on." Arkan.

"I liked dressing up in my summery clothes in Winter!" Eloise.

"We pretended to be travel agents working at Thomas Cook and helped people to choose a holiday to go on." Rajveer.

"It was fun writing my own address on my postcard." Khadijat.


The children had lots of fun and are excited to learn all about Thomas Cook and who he is!


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