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Approach to Phonics

At Cottons Farm  we teach Phonics through 'Letters and Sounds'. All children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and year 2) have a Phonics lesson every day where they focus on the key skills required to learn to read.

Further up the school Phonics are taught to groups or individual children depending on their learning need. For some children Phonics may not be the right strategy for them to learn to read. For these children we use a strategy called 'Read it, Write it!' However, the vast majority of children will successfully learn to read using the Letters and Sounds strategy.

Below is an Information leaflet for parents called 'Learning To Read Through Phonics', which gives you useful tips and advice on how you can support your children at home with phonics and learning to read.

What is phonics?

Phonics is a way of teaching children to read by breaking up words into small chunks of sound.

For example we can break a simple word like ‘cat’ into the three sounds c-a-t.

To become successful readers children will learn the individual sounds for each letter or group of letters. Some sounds in English are made up of more than one letter like the sound ‘ea’ in tea or team.

Once children know the sounds they will be able to ‘decode’ unfamiliar words by breaking the word into sounds then read the word by blending back together. For example:

sh — o — p = shop

For an audio guide on how to pronounce the sounds click on one of the links below:

The Phonics Screening Check

All children in Year 1 do the Phonics Screening Check in June. Should children not make the standard in Year 1 they redo the Phonics Screening check in Year 2.

In 2016 the Phonics Screening check for Year 1 children and those Year 2 children needing to redo the check, will take place the week beginning 13th June.

Please ensure that your child is in school this week.

Below are some useful resources to help your children read 'real' and 'nonsense' words. They need to be able to blend the sounds and read them aloud.

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