Cottons Farm Academy

Cottons Farm Academy

Edenred School Meals Vouchers - update 28/4/2020

Edenred school meals voucher scheme – for pupils eligible for Free School Meals

You will have now received 4 weekly e-codes to exchange for supermarket vouchers for the month of April. 

The next voucher e-code will be emailed to you on Monday 4th May.  You will receive 1 e-code to cover the 3 week period 4th to 24th May.  The voucher is worth £45 per child. 

We re-sent a number of e-codes today, so if you haven’t redeemed all of your 4 e-codes please check your emails carefully.

Unfortunately, the Edenred system won’t allow us to resend the e-codes for 17th April.  Therefore if you haven’t redeemed that e-code please check all your email folders - junk/spam/deleted. 

If you are trying to redeem e-codes, please note that the Edenred website ( is very busy during the day.  You may find it easier to use during the evening. 

If you are having any problems, please email and we will help you. 

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